Monday, August 08, 2005

Ammar Stock Exchange math or myth

Amman Stock exchange witnessed an amazing growth this year. I ll just give a few example and leave to you to decide

Today 8th of August closed at 7961, it has been fluctuating for the past two weeks between 7500 and 8200

The first example show the price change of Arab East Investments (Ticket = AEIV)
Two years ago the stock price was 0.85 JD, Three weeks back it hit 18 JD 2000% increase in just two years. Simply stated if you had a chance to invest 850 JD to buy 1000 Shares, you could have cashed 18000 JD three weeks ago (13000 JD today, still not bad at all)

Last Year Arab East Investment spun another company called Arab East for Real Estate investiment (Ticker = REAL). The price was set to 3.30 JD during the first day of trading by forces of demand and supply. Last week it was trading at a staggering value of 46 JD (Today it is trading at around 40 JD), surpassed by the Arab Bank only.


ahmad said...

They say the Jordan Stock market is just a bubble, greed and fear make up the prices, nothing else

madas said...

wow that was very informative... thanks

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