Sunday, August 14, 2005


Gel3ad is an area to the north west of Amman close to Maeen.
Two days ago, we were contracted by HP to Arabize their new iPAQ PDA (Personal digital assistant). To celebrate the event, we left the office and headed to Gal3ad! There is a nice horse back riding club called "Country riding club of Jordan" نادي الريف لركوب الخيل. It is in the middle of the hills, i never new that such thing existed in this area. We did not ride the horses, instead we played basket ball (half court available). I bet the location would be breath taking during spring time. Even if you do not ride, it is worth checking it out, especially during the afternoon


joemiller27879037 said...

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ناصر منصور said...

Gel3ad is not close to Ma'een, It is very far from there. Ma'een is in the Madaba area while Gel3ad is in the Salt area.

It is a more beautiful place in the Spring.

I commend you on your blogg. It is enjoyable

ناصر منصور said...

I might have spoken too soon. After reading more of your other posts about Gel3ad I had a feeling there might be another Maeen in Jordan that I was not familiar with. My appologies.


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