Sunday, August 07, 2005

Is Amman really Clean?

When visitors come to Amman , they say Amman is clean, you look at it, yes it looks clean
If the workers (garbage collectors) go on strike, will it look clean. The definite answer is NO.
Just to get a feel, visit Swuified at 5 in the Morning.
I was once in Municipality of Greater Amman (MOGA), and the under secretary told me that MOGA spends 12 Million JD each year in salaries for individuals who clean the street. Mind you that is not for Garbage Collection for Garbage containers. This is a recurrent cost , every single year.

If the people of Amman are clean, then you save 12 Million a year. If they have the sense or responsibility not to litter, you save 12 Million a year. By the way the total yealy revenue sustained by MOGA stands at 120 Million JDs.

Then for Amman to really become clean, its people should become clean. How can this come about?

MOGA can spend the first 12 Million JD in campaigns (TV, Newspapers, Satellite etc ...), then a law can be passed to seriously fine those who litter.

This way, you do not have to spend 12 Million every day, and Amman will be genuinely clean without faking visitors


flora said...

you are write, i have seen people careless abusing mother nature in Jordan Plastic bags, Pepsi Cans etc .. I hope somebody can do something

niwhsa said...

Hi Ammar,

welcome to the blog world. Nice posts so far. um greedy for posts from techies and more so from CEO's :-)


Roba said...

how true.. the only reason Amman is clean is because the Municipality does a great job at providing a cleaning workforce. The residents are disgusting! I'm always getting pissed off at throwing stuff out of cars and kids throwig stuff on the floor..

Ammar said...


First i think that Municipaity should favor awareness campaigns.

Second, ppl want throuwing stuff out, why are you angy,, it is a free country after all

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