Saturday, August 06, 2005

IT General Secodary School graduates in Jordan!

The Ministry of Higher Education in Jordan has instructed Universities to Allow General Secondary School (Tawjihi) graduates Information Technology Stream to enroll in Engineering Departments. The Engineering Association warned on the other hand that it will not accept to register those Engineers in the association and as such, are not allowed to practice engineering in Jordan.

I do not understand the point of view of the Engineering Association which was explained in one of the news papers:

1) The regulation of the association indicates that Engineering Students must have finished Jordan Secondary School (Scientific or Industrial Streams) or equivalent (The equivalence must be certified by the ministry of higher education)

2) IT Stream students exposure to Math and Sciences in limited in Tawjihi, therefore, the association is concerned about its reputation when these student make it to the real life.

With all due respect, I do not think that these two points are critical or relevant. Engineering disciplines dictate certain prerequisites in both math and physics for the student to be able to continue studying Engineering,, whether these were covered in high school or not only affects how hard the student shall study,,, If the student manages to pass, then he/she is qualified.

I think It is not up to the Engineering Association to decide, rahter, it is for the University and the Student to decide, because in the first place, for , if the university is not tough enough and the student is not serious enought, it is their reputation which is on stake


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