Thursday, August 11, 2005

Where else to go

They wanted to Go, so i took two days off (From work) and went with them to the city of "Is there any other alternative" Aqaba.

During the course of my life, i went many times, and must less frequently lately.
We stayed at the new InterCont. It is a nice Hotel and probably the best in Aqaba so far. They gave us "Parking Lot View" actually, it was the parking lot of the Hotel next door, Aqua Marina. The landscape is very nice, the pools and the beach, as well however, it still stands no chance when compared with Sharm El-Shiek. We negotiated 95++ rate per night, our friends next door were charged 100 ++ for no obvious reason (same room cateegory)

I once went to the Sharm for 350 JD, 6 days to Grand Hyyat.

At Aqaba City, limited choices of "eating out" places, even in the best places, you stand a chance of having 'not so good' food. If you want to go to the Souqq, all the locals are laid back nastily watching female tourist (Ammani girls definitely fit within this criteria) and it is not like Brad bitt giving you sweat eyes; i could tell u that all females in the group noticed it and got annoyed.

On the way back, we stopped by a new mall called City center. It is almost empty, poor air-conditioning in the hall ways; at the food corner, two places where open we had a meal at chili way or whatever, and the food was terrible. Generally, unpleasant experience.

in conclusion, Aqaba as a city has nothing to offer if marketed as a tourist attraction area, The Beach waters are shallow, barely any waves, the Port is close to the beach area and therefore, limiting its expansion. To do any kind of snorkeling or water diving activities, you need to depart the Hotel and go about 15Km south. Still, i think that the new InteCont. is very good.


madas said...

You are right in a way Aqaba is just another place where people take it as an excuse to be nasty or say nasty things... but honestly i went last year to Aqaba after maybe 10 years of not going there and was so shocked at how pretty it is! you walk to see a garden or a little fountain, and all the houses are small and white and cute...actually once we wondered what happenes if out of the blue in the middle of the night we woke up to see that Amman has a sea... what do you think happens?

Ammar said...

Hv you been to Sharm El-shiekh?

If Amman has a sea and the climate is the same! It depends on which side of Amman the sea is!

taking into consideration daily behviour of our citizens, it will be the big carbage can, the sewage outlet the sink of all waste. The beach would be a reserved area for certain slice of the population. Personally, i would be a happier person as I live seas during winter time

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