Sunday, December 31, 2006

Too much data and not enough information, ORACLE Data Mining

Business Intillegence (BI) is now one of the important direction that our company REALSOFT is working in for both local and regional markets. Data warehousing, data mining, OLAP and visualization of spatial information are concept that lie beneath the umbrella of data warehousing. The ultimate goal is : Discover the knowledge hidden in your data to prepare for a more informed decision making

Data mining finds hidden patterns in large, complex collections of data, patterns that elude traditional statistical approaches to analysis.

I was following lately the advent Oracle products in the areana of data mining.
I felt that it has gone a long way.

Oracle Data Mining (ODM) embeds data mining within the Oracle database. There is no need to move data out of the database into files for analysis and then back from files into the database for storing. The data never leaves the database -- the data, data preparation, model building, and model scoring results all remain in the database. This enables Oracle to provide an infrastructure for application developers to integrate data mining seamlessly with database applications.

Data mining functions are based on two kinds of learning: supervised (directed) and unsupervised (undirected).
Supervised learning functions are typically used to predict a value, and are sometimes referred to as predictive models. Unsupervised learning functions are typically used to find the intrinsic structure, relations, or affinities in data but no classes or labels are assigned aprioi. These are sometimes referred to as descriptive models.

Oracle Data Mining supports the following data mining functions:

Predictive models (supervised learning):
Classification: grouping items into discrete classes and predicting which class an item belongs to
Regression: function approximation and forecast of continuous values
Attribute importance: identifying the attributes that are most important in predicting results (Java interface only)

Descriptive models (unsupervised learning):
Clustering: finding natural groupings in the data
Association models: "market basket" analysis
Feature extraction: create new attributes (features) as a combination of the original attributes
Multimedia (TEXT)
Bioinformatics (BLAST)

ODM provides single-user milt-session access to models. Model building is either synchronous in the PL/SQL interface or asynchronous in the Java interface.

Oracle Data Miner Release 10gR2 introduces the popular Decision Tree algorithm for classification problems that can provide human readable "IF...THEN..." rules that communicate the patterns discovered by ODM. The new Anomaly Detection algorithm flags rare events and supports fraud and compliance monitoring. Oracle Data Miner now supports mining multiple tables at once (e.g., star schema) and supports mining unstructured "text" data. Oracle Data Miner also supports PREDICT and EXPLAIN "one-click data mining" predictive analytics. Oracle Data Miner Release 2 adds Receiver Operating Characteristics support for model evaluation and tuning. Oracle Data Miner can automatically generate the Java and SQL components needed to transform the data mining steps into an integrated data mining/BI enterprise application. Lastly, a new Gateway to Oracle Discoverer enables data analysts to publish their results for viewing through Oracle Discoverer. With Oracle Data Miner and Oracle Data Mining, the data never leaves the database: all data movement is eliminated. In addition, Oracle Data Miner and Oracle Data Mining provide the security of the Oracle database. Click here for details. Click here for an image showing key Data Miner windows. Oracle Data Miner Release 10gR2 requires Oracle Data Mining (ODM) 10.2.
Aside of its parctical applications, Data Mining requires both mathematical models to be implemented by software algorithms, this is an attractive combination for a scientifically inclined person.

There are a some application for data mining in our area like

Retail business
Fraud (Credit Card)
Money laundrying

in addition to many scientific and engineering application

REALSOFT has delivered many projects and services in this field like

1) Jordan Housing and Urben Development
2) Jordan National Human Resrouce Develpment Labour Market
3) Mobilecom Diwan (Customer service management system)
4) Saudi Telcom (STC) Telemetrics and Teletraffic Switch Analysis
5) Al- Balaqa Governerate Water Information Management System (CARE International)
6) Oman Social and Economic Indicators Database (SED)
7) Arab Bank Risk Managment Operational Data Store (ODS)
8) Oman E-Census (Oman Dept of national Economy)
9) Libya NIDC (National Information and Documentation Center) project
10) Libya Census project (OLAP and GIS enabled)
11) Kuwait Census Project (OLAP and GIS)
12) Currently, Bahrain Ministry of Social Development (MOSD) (OLTP,OLAP and GIS)
13) others

We have a group of the finest Software Engineers, Architects, Designers, Developers, QA team around the area who was able to deliver all of these projects successfully.

Ammar Sajdi

My New Watch

As childish as it may sound, but i am excited about my new watch. Before i describe my new watch, i have to say a few things about watches. In the past, i was never taken or appreciative of watches. As a matter of fact, i used to criticize those who buy fancy / expensive watches. I was never convinced that an expensive (Branded) watch could keep time better than any other 20$ watch (As a fact, this is still true). Additionally, i would argue that expensive watches would not make your nice moments pass slower, nor make you sad moments pass quicker (which shall hold true till end of time). I am embarrassed to say that during the last few years, my argument about watches is changing, i tend to admire the design, the details and the finish of watches. I tend to look at a watch for quite sometime, without noticing the time!! I stop by any watch boutique i go by and look at the watches. I do not know if this is good or bad, I am growing older or growing younger !?! Now let me talk about my new watch One of the most innovative watches of its time due to its touch-driven technology the T-Touch offers a precision instrument at your fingertips, combining high technicality and performance with cutting-edge design and ease of use
It is a Tissot, with TOUCH Screen (Yes touch screen)
It has a barometer reading -- to help me monitor weather changes
It has a compass It has an altitude meter -- i can measure how far from see level I am
It has a thermometer -- i can measure the temperature.
CASE material : TITANIUM
Brecelet : TITANIUM Grey
and BTW it can tell me what time it is

The reason why it is touch screen is that you can invoke the functions i mentioned before, by touching the respective label on the screen. Not only a digital reading is displayed, but its minutes and hours hand move (most visible when set to the compass mode). At this moment i would urge you to run the following flash demo and use the finger shown (with the mouse) to simulate the touching the screen and see for yourself how the arms are moving. I have an unexplained passion for weather and weather changes. The following shall shed some light about its features with this respect Baramotric reading

Atmospheric Pressure (barometric)




There are many derivatives of the same watch, with different casing, colors etc
I bought if from Dubai, i saw it at Amman Airport (but you cannot find all the flavours)
It is around 650 USD and worth it.
This is not the first time i own a watch with some weather features, some 12 years back i bought a Casio from Kuala Lumpur, Malaisia but that one was too bulky and quite unattractive.

Ammar Sajdi

Me Shiekf Mohammed Of Dubai and Tony Blair

UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum received Britain's Prime Minister Tony Blair in Dubai.
Well, there is nothing special in this for me to blog about it;
Ok, while i was leaving Emirates tower with Amer Khatib at the exist where Nafura restuarent is located, we noticed a group of people walking out of the restaurent, while the restaurent owners where cheering them good bye at the entrance.
This is the more important part of this blog, it was Shiekh mohammad and Tony Blair walking out of the restaurent. Well, a bit excited to see two states men walking before us. But what really striked me more was that fact that there was no big fuss about it. Very little security setup (if any) No army vehicles or machine guns. Tony got into a car that peacefully left off without (wee wees). Shiekh mohmmand with some of his frinds kept standing by the road side. It felt so normal, that me and Amer got board and left the scene while few people with shiekh mohammad were talking. This does not happen in Amman, what you would see in Amman in similar situation would be armored vehicles, security personnel, fully equipped soldiers and no way for anyone to be within a viewing distance from the scene.

Ammar Sajdi
Dec 19, 2006

I fell in love with my new SONY notebook - A Stylish support for business and Beyond

Even though it is only 2 month since i bought my DELL 6400, but i always appreciated SONY. I could not resist the latest SONY VAIO notebooks, i ended buying one.
i was confused which model to buy. Two models made at as finalists. Both have the following specs

2GB Centrino DUO
Memory Stick card
built-in camera

The first model ( VGN FE38GP has a wide 15.4 screen but weighs about 2.8 KG. It seems to have been designed to replace your desktop, but not quite effecient as machine for someone who want something the size and weight of a notebook

The other VGN-SZ38GP has 13.3 screen - very light (1.6KG) and is equipped with several security feature (Finger printer sensor for login and for decrypting files and directories)

The second one is more expensive (due to miniaturizations) and is around 2400 USD while the fist sells for 1900 USD.

I ended up buying the second one due to the weight difference which makes a difference if you travel a lot and carry your notebook every where. It is truely a Stylish support for business and beyond . Sleek design for a poweful machine with a real long battary life.

To make office usage easier, i bough a docking station.

I am happy about it and it is my Eid present

Ammar Sajdi


I am not trying here to discuss whether Saddam was the proper leader for Iraq or not;
I am also not trying to discuss the honesty of his patriotism towards the Arabic nation, but i could not also ignore the fact that among his last statement was "Long Live Palestine."
Nor am i trying to discuss whether his trial was a fair one or not
The only thing i can say is that executing him on the first day of Al-Adha Eid is humiliating for all of Arabs and Muslims.
Everybody condmened this brutal act except the USA, Israel and Iran; does this tell you anything!!!

Ammar Sajdi

Emirates Palace -- Extravagant bonanza

Abu-Dhabi stiked back by building the Emirates Palace, a Rival to Burj Alarab of Dubai.
I visited this hotel this December (2006) as part of an engagement wedding i attended. It is a huge hotel and conference center; categorized as a 7 starts (*******) hotel. its interior looks rich and expensive, but not necessarily aesthetically appealing (at least from my point of view). People were saying that this hotel costed around 2 Billion $. What is nice is the endless garderns around it, with beautiful landscape. I was wondering how they maintain such gardens during summer time when the temperature reaches 48 C.

Anyway, it something to see

Ammar Sajdi

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