Sunday, December 31, 2006

My New Watch

As childish as it may sound, but i am excited about my new watch. Before i describe my new watch, i have to say a few things about watches. In the past, i was never taken or appreciative of watches. As a matter of fact, i used to criticize those who buy fancy / expensive watches. I was never convinced that an expensive (Branded) watch could keep time better than any other 20$ watch (As a fact, this is still true). Additionally, i would argue that expensive watches would not make your nice moments pass slower, nor make you sad moments pass quicker (which shall hold true till end of time). I am embarrassed to say that during the last few years, my argument about watches is changing, i tend to admire the design, the details and the finish of watches. I tend to look at a watch for quite sometime, without noticing the time!! I stop by any watch boutique i go by and look at the watches. I do not know if this is good or bad, I am growing older or growing younger !?! Now let me talk about my new watch One of the most innovative watches of its time due to its touch-driven technology the T-Touch offers a precision instrument at your fingertips, combining high technicality and performance with cutting-edge design and ease of use
It is a Tissot, with TOUCH Screen (Yes touch screen)
It has a barometer reading -- to help me monitor weather changes
It has a compass It has an altitude meter -- i can measure how far from see level I am
It has a thermometer -- i can measure the temperature.
CASE material : TITANIUM
Brecelet : TITANIUM Grey
and BTW it can tell me what time it is

The reason why it is touch screen is that you can invoke the functions i mentioned before, by touching the respective label on the screen. Not only a digital reading is displayed, but its minutes and hours hand move (most visible when set to the compass mode). At this moment i would urge you to run the following flash demo and use the finger shown (with the mouse) to simulate the touching the screen and see for yourself how the arms are moving. I have an unexplained passion for weather and weather changes. The following shall shed some light about its features with this respect Baramotric reading

Atmospheric Pressure (barometric)




There are many derivatives of the same watch, with different casing, colors etc
I bought if from Dubai, i saw it at Amman Airport (but you cannot find all the flavours)
It is around 650 USD and worth it.
This is not the first time i own a watch with some weather features, some 12 years back i bought a Casio from Kuala Lumpur, Malaisia but that one was too bulky and quite unattractive.

Ammar Sajdi

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leena said...

Sexy watch! congratulation,,

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