Sunday, January 14, 2007

Visiting Bahrain

I am here in Bahrain visting the Central Bank of Bahrain to make an assesment for migrating their J2ee and portal software application to the latest releases of Oracle Application Server. This probably my 6th visit to bahrain. The following are some of the comments

1- Taxis are over priced. They are equipped with meters but drivers do not use them. A short trip costs around 12 USD.

2-You cannot stay in non 5 starts hotels. Unless newly innovated, even the 5 starts are not all that good. I tried Hilton some time back and it was horrible (i noticed that its name is changed to Golden Tulip). Hoilday Inn was also horrible (the name is now changed to Crown Plaza and i hope it is better). The 5 start hotels cost something like 180 USD +20% without breakfast. I felt that this is also over priced compared to the standard and the service offered.

3- The weather is fine during the day, however, it turned a bit cool in the evening. You need a jacket, which is something i do not use in the Gulf Region. But it seems that Bahrain is cooler than UAE and Oman during winter.

4- I came to Gulf Air, which left on time, but the AirBus 320 seat space is limited and as such is uncomforable for 191 cm guy

5- I am leaving tomorrow back to Amman after less than 36 hours, which is long enough to miss Amman.

Ammar Sajdi


s1 said...

I wonder how a busy man like u has the time to make such a long exciting posts? Do u sleep at night?

Manal said...

fix the clock in you's winter time :)

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