Saturday, March 03, 2007

CARdiac Confusion

I keep thinking of changing my 2003 BMW 525i car that i really like. There is a large assortment of modern cars with hefty price tags that induce CAR cardiac problems.

Yes price tags of >70000 USD are becoming easy on the ear for an entry 5 Serier BMW or 200 Mercedes.

anyway, let me not get into the discussion of whether one conscious should let go and accept driving such cars while the world is full of atrosities; carnage in Iraq and Palestine, Poverty in the third world contries, hunger is Africa etc.

the following is a list of cars that i potential could own soon .. help me choosing

Mercedes 350 SL

BMW 530i
Audi A5 -- Will be revealed this week
The All-mighty Cadillac


Anonymous said...

no no

Ammar said...

X-5 is out of the question. A Friend of mine owns one, i drove several times and did not feel the experience. maybe because its dashboard is similar to the 525 that i have

Anonymous said...

I think the cadillac is the best one. I advice you cadillac.

Samir Eaid

Ramma said...

Mercedes 350 SL of course, it suits u.

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