Sunday, March 18, 2007

Chargers Chargers everywhere, but not ..

I was trying to mimic "water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink". Obviously, i am not as good as Samuel Taylor Coleridge when he composed Rime of the Ancient Mariner. I remembered this poem that was part of our O level syllabus (Way back then) when I was looking for my digital camera charger at home. Literally, there are more than 10 charges at home, but these chargers are never interoperable. One charger for my SONY laptop, another for my wives DELL laptop, one for my E71 Nokia, which does not work for her Nokia, a couple of old mobile chargers, one for the electrical shaver, one for the miniature hover and many more.
What wrong with electrical appliances manufacturer! They do not get it, Cannot we just make 2 or 3 standard models that all manufacturers can use. The idea is not far fetched! In fact, it is already implemented by battery operated devices. Why can i use the same battery set for all the different Remote Controls (for example). There are a few standard sizes and then you do not have to get the battery from the same manufacturer, nor do you have to have dozen of different batteries that cannot be used when you need them! In management, everybody is talking about standard operating procedure and all kinds of standard, ISO, IEC, EN, DN, and ANSI covering many different industries. Does it require a UN resolution to enforce standard chargers!

Ammar Sajdi


Ramma said...

Interesting, but I remember one of my friends who came recently from USA brought a remote control used to control all remotely used devices he has at home as recoders, TV, DVD , ... for different manufacturers. so there is s1 else thinking about this too :))

Ammar said...

True, but i was stressing on the interoperability of batteries. My example about the remote control was wrong, because you are right, functionally speaking, you can buy a universal Remote control in Jordan as well. What i meant is that if you buy a battery operated device from SONY, you can buy generic battery from the market and i works. If you buy Charger operated Device from SONY, you need a SONY charger for this particular device, and if you buy a different device from SONY, chances are you need a different SONY charger

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