Thursday, March 08, 2007

Hindsight is 20/20 What about my Name Ammar

I lived 4 years in the USA back in the 80s,
i thought that it should be easy for Americans to pronounce my name correctly (Ammar). I was easy on the fact that the fist letter of my name cannot be pronounced by native English speakers, but thought that the rest should be OK. I thought that the Double-M is enough to for the American to understand that there is an Arabic "Shadda" over the Letter M.
However, i think they should be excused when you consider the following:

The only English word that gets as close to my name (Ammar) as possible is (GrAmmar)
But how do we Arabic Native speakers pronounce the English Grammar, now remove the first two letter and there you go, you have just mis-pronounced me name. Only now i have come to realize that native English speakers ought to be excused, it looks too obvious now, but as the saying goes Hindsight is 20/20 .
Sorry, i misjudged things for just too long!!!! and the time has come for me to realize my mistake... By the same token, i am afraid there are so many things (situations, people) that i misjudged.

Conclusion: The way i write my name in English (Ammar) is wrong!!! How then should i write my name???

By the way, i learned the word Grammar during my early years in school. Quite honestly, the resemblance to my name did not come at that stage, but much later. This is only to illustrate, how much of seemingly obvious things we human (or i should talk about myself). God knows how many of these seemingly obvious things that i still miss.
As one of them said : Among all the things i miss, i miss my mind most

Ammar Sajdi
Oracle consultant

PS: I should probably guess how French would pronounce my name

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Ramma said...

shd b among all the things I lost, I miss my mind the most :))
Wow, u "" me!!

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