Friday, March 16, 2007

Nine more rainy days

It was an interesting day yesterday (weather wise). it snowed off and on during the day, and the last wave of snow was at about 8:30 in the evening, i was real heavy, i must add. While at home, you know if snow is accumulating or not, by the fact the satellite channels. Of course, when the dish is covered by snow, the reception ceases. At this point, even one lives without TV or one has to get on his/her feet and shuffle the snow off.

This morning, it is cold and the skies are overcast. No precipitation of any form. The snow has almost completely melted. This is just normal considering the fact that the current temperature is 6 degrees.
As you can see on the weather map on the left, the low pressure system has moved to the north east as shown by the arrow. I expect this as the "Kiss Good bye" weather system as we are moving towards Spring. This does not mean, no more rain, but nothing like what we witnessed in the past 48 Hours.
The total precipitation during the storm is around 50 mm and the total rain fall this season, so far, is about 85% of total seasonal rain. However, the so far amount is, in line with the average for this time of the year. The no of rainy days so far is 53 days, and total rainy days per season is 62, so one would expect 9 more rainy days


Anonymous said...

not sure where to post this but i had a look at your realsoft ME website

Its got spelling mistakes, missing pages/URLs not found, even the contact us page is under construction!

Ammar said...

u r darn right, you will see changes soon

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