Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Snow or no Snow, this is the question

This is my first weather-centric post!!I was looking at weather forecasting maps, and i think it
there is a weathe system that is worth talking about. By the way, weatherwise, last month was a quiet month. The rain fall was below seasonal averate; wet weather is really welcomed at this point.
To follow why, first look at the image on the left; if you can NOT geographically recognize the boundaries of the eastern med, then, now is the best time to quit reading, otherwise keep going

There are semi circular line (Light green, green, reddish etc).. These are call isobars. These circles connect points where atmospheric pressure values are equal.

Can you spot Cyprus?, it is surrounded by light blue circle! This is the center of a Low Pressure System that is affecting the Easter Med. You can also read the pressure value on the map. the center of the system is at 1006 millibar This is not directly shown on the map, but the outer circle reads (08) which is an abbreviation for 1008.. The normal atmospheric pressure is around 1022 mb. Low pressure system cause instability and therefore, active weather conditions (wind, rain etc..).
The button line is, there is a fairly deep low pressure system centered around Cyprus that is likely to affect the area for the coming 24-48 hours.

Snow or no Snow?
The low pressure system causes the wind system to revlove around its center in an anti-clockwise manner (in the northern hemisphere). If you can track the where the wind is coming from , you can find out if it is going to be cold or not.. As this is not to teach you how to read weather maps, there is an indicator on the map that can give you a hint about how cold the winds are. Look at the black line with 540 reading. We call this the snow line, because this line indicates zones where temperature approaching zero may occur. Look back to the map, and you will see that the bounders of this line cross the eastern med and Jordan. So yes, there is a chance of snow at higher elevation in Jordan

Lets wait and see,, this is all predictive modeling after all

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