Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Jennifer Aniston on Oprah winfrey

Her father (Ioannis Anastassakis) is Greek and was born in the island of Crete. He was an actor himself. Jennifer Anastassakis spend her child in Greece and N.Y.
Tonight and on Oprah Winfrey Show, Jennifer put an end to all rumors and declared that she did not undergo any cosmatic surgical procedure of any kind (Jobs). Still, nevertheless, and at age of 38, looking as good as ever. (Brad Pitt must have gone out of his mind)
recently in 2007, she received People's Choice Award: Favorite Female Movie Star, The Break-Up


Ramma said...

Despite the fact that I adore Jennifer for her humble and fun spirit , I love her as FRIENDS famous Rachel Green "she was outstanding"
check http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rachel_Green

BUT Angelina Jolie is more feminine:))

Ammar said...

But Angelina Jolie is not Greek, Aphrodite is! (commonly known as Venus). In the end, The crtieria differs from one person to another. I like Meg Ryan,for example, cought my attention after "You've Got mail"

Ramma said...

u've got a mail and Meg Ryan are my best. I think I watched that movie more than 5 times and i've never got bored!
Meg is just like a baby, I love that scene when she had a bad flu and he came to visit her :)

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