Thursday, April 12, 2007

Thank God it is Thursday (TGIT)

I need no reason to be euphoric on Thursdays, how about when there is a reason
Today, I will complete a very rich course to FASTLINK IT members about database centric development techniques covering features up to and including 10g. There are lots and lots of topics that span a wide array of technologies. And just to name a few
  • Exposing Oracle stored procedures as Web Services,
  • Exchanging Database record in XML format.
  • Doing Interprocess communication using PIPES and Queues, Sending and receiving
  • packets using TCP sockets from PL/SQL.
  • Demystifying Analytical Function used in DW OLAP
  • Configuring Heterogeneous Service for distributed access
  • Data Encryption
  • Row Level Security
  • many more
  • It took me hours and hours of preparation and testing.
  • Many more

Thank God it is Over, now we can hit the movies with a fairly un-pre-occupied-mind

Ammar sajdi

Ammar Sajdi

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Ramma said...

Seems to be very professional. Congrates and enjoy your weekend.

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