Tuesday, April 17, 2007


One of two Iranian restaurants I know of in Amman. It is located within a close proximity of Abdoun round-about. We went yesterday for dinner
The setting is nice, you could ask for seating in the upper floor over looking abdoun round about. It is a casual restaurant. The menu is good and the food is excellent.
We had mixed Iranian grill with different taste of Iranian rice. I had a spinach soup which I liked very much (may be because if you talk about spinach and me, we click)

I recomment the place (so far)

Ammar Sajdi


Ramma said...

spinach!! I don't know how people like this! It is my bad day when I go home and find this dish for lunch.
Iranian food is cool, try to ask them if they cook Fasanjoon :) or Qema or Ash (I think u'll like Ash).

Ammar said...

You are missing a lot. Spinach is the symbol of strenght. You seem to come from a generation who missed the inspiring animated cartoons series "Popeye the Sailor man" . Although Popeye is short, odd-looking, belligerent, and has only his left eye (although, if viewers have a keen eye, at times, he needs to rub his eyes to see correctly, and his second eye seems to open), when he eats Spinach, he gain superhuman strength.

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