Friday, May 11, 2007

Does it mean the end of my IT career

The question arises by the fact that i have assumed the position of a board member at the Arab East Investment Co (AEIV) Ltd, a 40 million company in Capital ( page 5. The company is profitable and makes high return on investment!

Well, the answer seems to be NO, or at least, not yet!!!
I am on my way to Muscat Oman tonight, to hopeful push a contract towards the final stage of signature, and on the same day going to Bahrain to kick off a new 8-10 month project.

Amman was very dusty today, I do not remember witnessing such conditions before. My flight to Muscat was scheduled at 3:30 PM, i called the Gulf Air office at the airport asking about any anticipated delays due to weather conditions and poor visibility, but they said that the delays are likely to be only 15 minutes. Upon arrival to their check -in counter, however, they told me what i was expecting when i called. The flights are delayed until 10 PM at night; I was mad because I did call to make sure i would not have to make a void round trip to the airport. I went back to Amman and I will hit the road again to airport in 20 minutes

On another track, i have been fighting a relentless bronchitis for around 2 weeks now. It does seem to be subsiding! It is really annoying!

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Izzat Sajdi said...

No, it is not but it certainly is the time to read : "The Tao of Warren Buffet".

Congratulations for becoming a member of the Board.

Now that you are a member of the board of one of the most successful real estate companies in Jordan, you may please answer the following question. 47% of the land of Amman is not built up. The Municipality is considering imposing a tax on owners of vacant lands within the Municipality limit. I am not sure how much the tax would be, but I believe, to a 51% confidance level, that it could be a heavy tax that will force the owners to consider it seriously within his investment model. My question is : "What effect will this tax, if imposed, have over the Demend and Supply and hence the price of land"?

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