Friday, May 18, 2007

Food Plethora

This has been my first weekend at Bahrain since the beginning of the millennium.
Today, my friend Fadi Al-Khari came to visit me from Al-Dahrain (Kindom of Saudi Arabia) which is 30 minutes away (crossing a causeway over the Arabian Gulf).

We had an open buffet lunch at Movenpick; it was indeed one of a kind. Never have I had such a lavish variety of food delicacies in one place at one time. Really unprecedented and uncompressing in both Quality and Quantity, two words that rarely go together is describing things
Just by looking at the way the food is presented, you can kiss any food control regimen good bye.
Sea Food Corner where you can pick fresh fish (Zubiedi, King Fish, Hamour), Lobster, King prawns and have it cooked to your liking. Steak corner, Italian, Japanese, Indian, you name it. Not to forget the Salad bar and finally, Crepes with Nutella and bananas (of course with a wide array of desert variety.)

The restaurant also looks lively and appealing, where it is also overlooking an attractive swimming pool.

I am leaving to Amman soon, but hush hush, I am not telling the team member about this hotel, as the team is supposed to spend the time working on a project and not eating at the pool side of the Movenpick Bahrain. The hotel has an excellent recipe for project failure.

This is for sure the best buffet I have ever seen, I have been to an excellent Sea Food buffet at Crown Plaza (dubai) and Shertan Muscat, but these buffet were exclusively Sea Food!! But the variety of today’s buffet was unparalleled if not exceptional.

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ya raitoh sa7tain.

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