Monday, May 21, 2007

medical advice needed

Can Bronchitis last for more than a month,, for the last two weeks. The symptoms were inititally severe (the first two weeks) . Even though after the two weeks, the symptoms seemed to have eased, but nevertheless, the symptoms are not tapering off. And by the way, is there an statistical evident that sprained ankle and bronchitis are in any way correlated, i got my ankle sprained yesterday and i was not enen doing any strenuous physical efforts! Mathematically speaking, the question goes, is there a probability that you get your ankle twisted given that you have got bronchitis for at least 4 weeks? If so, what is the probabilty


Hareega said...

There doesn't seem to be a relationship between both.
Bronchitis can be acute or chronic, the acute one shouldn't last that long, you might have been told you had bronchitisi in the beginning but if symptoms lasted for a month other diagnoses should be considered and they can be many, all depends on age, other medical condition, other symptoms (i still don't know what your symptoms are).

chronic bronchitis is a chronic condition it's not cured.

do you smoked? do you take other medications? heartburn? chest pain? shortness of breath? cough? asthma?

Ammar said...

thank you for your response, I do not smoke, nor having any other medical condition. The thing started with cough and mild fever, chills and fatique. All that faded away, but i am left with cough!

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