Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Oprah!! Why? ya sit Oprah why? bas afham why?

"Winfrey said she sympathized with the suffering of the people of Israel, and that she intended to accept Wiesel's invitation and come with him to Israel. "

I always disputed Oprah show with my wife. Finally, i have a solid reason to defend my point of view about her.

Now ya sit Oprah,
you are trying to portray the only state in the middle east with nuclear weapon as a victim,
you are perceiving a state that uses F16 Supersoinic Jet Fighters to attack refugee camps as a victim
you can convince yourself that Israel's 40 years of brute violence in it's occupation of Palestinian land and livelihood makes it the victim.

Since when ya Oprah the occupiers become on the defensive, when the occupiers are conspicuously on the offensive?

"No amount of stardom could further sanctify Israel's behaviour but blemishes those who attempt to vilify her victims by hoodwinking truth. "

la ya sit Oprah, i thought you are way beyond this!
Why, then? Are you running for presidency or do you opt to following Condoleeza Rice.

How can we make our voice heard and tell her that we are not happy about her move!


Moey said...

source of news?

Ammar said...


Izzat Sajdi said...

Israel occupation of Palestine started 1948. That makes 59 years of occupation.

Oprah must go to Goree island in Senegal and gets a refreshing reminder of the suffering of the Blacks by the Europeans and Americans. The slavery age is over and we look forward to the end of Israeli occupation.

The vast Sky does not hinder the white clouds from flying (Chinese proverb).

Ammar said...

thant you Izzat for the enlightment, however, we need to get our voice heard

Sahar said...

You can talk to Oprah her self on and make your voice heard by her.

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