Tuesday, May 29, 2007


You will get it all, only if your reach the end of this piece

Pakinam Nasser 19-03-2007 wrote

I am jealous of her,
Why is she with you everywhere?
I think you love her more than you love me,
I think you really shouldn’t be,
I don’t know why you give her that much care,
When you are sad, you run to her,
Why do you go to her when my hug is here?
When I see her with you, inside me rises a great fear,
Believe me she doesn’t love you,
She’ll hurt you, am sure she’ll do,
I know to your heart she is so dear,
But why go to her when my hug is here,
I hate seeing you hold her tight,
And for her sake, with me you fight,
I hate how you kiss her so softly,
And how you hold her with your hands tightly,
She’s the first one you think in when you are sad,
And she’s the same one you run to when you’re glad,
I don’t know when you’ll get her out of your life,
I feel that she is killing you slowly with a knife,
Give it a try and stop being with her,
And I promise that all your nervousness I’ll bear,
She doesn’t have the Monalisa’s smile,
She just prevent you from walking more than a mile,
Would you leave her for my sake?
She gives you nothing, and from you everything she will take,
Would you leave her cause she’s causing me fear,
Am afraid that one day I won’t find you near,
She’s so ugly, why do you want her here,
She’s not even pretty like Juliette,
She is just a damn cigarette.

Ammar Sajdi


Anonymous said...

damn cigarette!
Ok, this is true. most of the time it takes more than those who deserve from men life.
I will never get involved with a person who smokes.

Anonymous said...

"I am jealous from her,
Why is she with you everywhere?"

it is jealous of her not from her, you cannot be jealous from somebody.

you may as rewrite your lines in arabic

Ammar said...

Thank u for the comment!
I hesitate to change as these were the words of the Original Writer (pakinam nasser). Regardless of how she wrote it, i would like to commend her for trying.

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