Saturday, June 09, 2007

Body cleansing - Last day

Last night, i did break juice fasting after completing 4 days. I wanted to do 5 days this time, however, we were invited over for dinner and it would not look nice for me to abstain from eating. Too many question would then be asked and a lot of explanation would need to be done!
Yesterday (Friday), i felt light-headed in the morning, i felt some dizziness. However, i was still full of energy, i even went to the office and worked on pieces of software codes that requires concentration. Normally, I take the opportunity on Friday and eat massively at lunch and henceforth, i regularly feel tiered and sleepy afterwords. Yesterday was obviously different, i did get some work done in the afternoon, I went to bet after 1 AM, and made it up at 7 AM.


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