Thursday, June 07, 2007

Body Detoxification and fasting

I am on a body Detoxification plan. Searching the Internet, you will find out many means that contribute towards body cleansing.
The one i choose was Juice fasting, in which i only consume fruit juices and water , no solids at all.
This is my 3 day straight on such regime. The first day (Tuesday) was OK, because i usually spend most of the day without food, but more than compensate at night, Wednesday was kind of tough, with early morning headache and dizziness. Today (Thursday) i feel good and energetic.

This is not the first time i try such regime, I tried it last year for 4 days.
The idea is not to lose weight, but rather give your body a rest. Your body is constantly supporting your stomach to digest all kinds of food that you eat, and as such, does not have time to work on other organs. When you fast while consuming water and juice, your body can work on your kidneys, liver, skin, cells etc.. where the body gets its chance to repair destroyed cells, clean toxins from under your skin and removed desolved bad chemicals that your body stored blood.
even though, you will think that you well get tiered due to lack of food, but on the contrary, you will feel very active and energetic; your mind and thinking is clear and your sleeping patterns are better. Please read more about Body cleansing and the benefits of fasting. There are many articles on the Internet about it. Currently, i am target ting 5 day Juices fasting before i break the fast and progressively return to normal eating habits. Try it and you wont regret it

Ammar Sajdi


kinzi said...

Great benefits to fasting, sa7? In Austria during the grape harvest the have 5-day 'cure' fasts on nothing but fresh-pressed grape juice. amazing results, really.

The religious of old really had something there. If I could stop drinking coffee when I fast, it might actually do my body the same good as my spirit!

Anonymous said...

u encouraged me, I will do it next week but I want to lose wt :)

Hareega said...

there's no proof that it works for anything

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