Saturday, July 07, 2007

what is with number 7

James Bond agent 007
7 The number of notes in a musical scale...
7 the PH neutral level
7 the no of colors in rainbow
7 the no of days in a week
7 for all mankind - Seven Jeans
7 in the no of bits in Standard ASCII representation
7 dominates in the Islamic doctrines (7 skies, 7 day creation, etc ...)
7 the number of segment needed to represent any digital number (seven segment display)
These are just a few examples, however, the following site gathers lot of information about the number Seven
There are also numerous websites that talk about the secret of number seven in the Quran.
The ones i mentioned above and alot more that can be found in many websites are just the obvious one, i am preparing a document to discuss the less obvious one that have amazing and shocking meaning!

many people planed to make this date unforgettable, today can be called a wedding extravaganza
(btw, today is my sisters 20th wedding anniversary)

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Anonymous said...

I planned to write down what I was doing in 7/7/2007 at 7:07:07 AM/PM of this day. Even it seems silly and I was not doing sthing really useful but it is nice to remember.
Congrates 2 ur sis, hope u all enjoyed the 7's
BTW, I hate odd numbers.

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