Thursday, July 12, 2007

Bahrain and Iran

I read a Local Bahraini newspaper yesterday an article quoting high ranking Iranian official as saying that Bahrain is an Iranian Island. Bahrainis of Iranian decedent tend to agree while Bahrainis of Arab decendent do not agree.

The following extract from wikipeadia sheds some light into Bahrain modern history

From the sixteenth century to 1743, control of Bahrain drifted between the Portuguese and the Persians. Ultimately, the Persian Afsharid king, Nadir Shah, invaded and took control of Bahrain.
In the late eighteenth century, the al-Khalifa family invaded and captured the islands from their base in neighbouring Qatar. In order to secure Bahrain from returning to Persian control, the Emirate entered into a treaty relationship with the United Kingdom and became a British protectorate. The population of the island was estimated at less then 10,000 persons.
The British withdrew from Bahrain on August 15, 1971, making Bahrain an independent emirate

By The way, Bahrain was the first country to find oil in the region and that was back in 1932.

Suffice it to say that even though i only spend a few days in Bahrain on monthly basis, but i do enjoy my stay and get very well with the Bahrainis. I drive illegally in Bahrain because the Bahraini authorities do not acknowledge Jordanian Drivers licenses nor an International Driver license issues from Jordan. Taxis (not only expensive) but are rare commodities, you could easily wait for 45 minutes (under 44 Degree temperature) waiting for a Taxi, which incidentally happened to me and my colleague Mohammad Mansour outside the Ministry of Social Development. Even after the 45 minutes, we ended up calling a friend.

I will travel back to Amman tomorrow early in the morning, it is only 2 hour flight.

Bahrain is also known for the best quality natural pearls, In fact, the government of Bahrain prohibits the sale on industrial pearls in the island of Bahrian. A certificate is issued to prove the authenticity of every purchase. I Went to buy a pearl necklace for my wife, but i went late and the market was closed. maybe next time

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