Thursday, July 05, 2007

Chinese-Made Cars

According to (
Chinese-made cars are still 5 to 1o years away from reaching a competitive Quality standard of American and European Cars. Chrysler, which recently terminated its team-up venture with Mercedes-Benz, Daimler-Benz after failing to achieve integration benefits, is expected to announce a long-term deal with a Chinese car maker (Chery)to build a small car in China for sale in the U.S. market several years from now.

While this news is floating around Chinese car companies have experienced embarrassing crash test failures in Europe where an SUV and, more recently, a sedan, both intended for the European market, failed crash tests by an auto safety group there. Not only that, but also recalls of toothpaste, toys, tires in the US market is making it difficult for people trying to market such product and penetrate the US market.

One the other hand, i do not think anybody is watching any Chinese product influxing our markets in order to protect the consumers against unsafe or rip-off quality products. I bought a Chinese Nokia charger while in Syria (found no alternative) that failed to charge my mobile for more than 2 minutes before it broke. I have to admit it was cheap, but was like throwing a few dollars in the rubbish can! Prior to that, and in Amman - Jordan, i also bought a Sony Ericsson Charges that lasted much more than 2 minutes, but instead of charging the battary, it supercharged the motherboard of the mobile phone and rendered the entire phone like KFC broasted and crispy chicken. I have to admit then, that the i had a choice between buying the original or like-original (as the shop owner put it) .

This post is not really about chinese-made cars, but more about consumer protection.
Here is Jordan, imported goods have to be cleared by an agency called "bureau veritas" Aside from being a nuisance, I wonder if it is meant to provide a filteration process of bad product, and if so, is it really doing the right job?

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Anonymous said...

"filteration process of bad product"- in Jordan ;))
u r v optimistic. and in case it happened, u'll end up with an empty market!


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