Monday, July 16, 2007

female circumcision

I was shocked to learn that female circumcision is widely practiced in many countries especially in Africa. It was the death of a 12-year-old girl in Upper Egypt a few days ago that triggered an angry barrage of appeals from human rights groups to both the government and the medical profession to act swiftly and stamp out the practice.

after this incident, Egypt has announced that it is imposing a complete ban
on female circumcision (also known as genital mutilation)

Why do people conduct this practice, Does it really inhibit women excitation. I though this is all in the mind anyway?

additionally, i do not recall having come across any Islamic recitation in support of female circumcision. However, male circumcision is widely practiced all over the word for Hygienic reason (if among other things)


kinzi said...

Zeinobia and Arab Woman Progressive Voice have had posts recently. There was an Egyptian sheik pushing for it.

Ola said...

I've done some search recently on this subject, to know if there was anythign in Islam that calls for this practice. What I found, as I expected, was that there's nothing in Islam that calls for female circumcision or holds it as an Islamic practice. That is to say,, it's certainly not a religious obligation as some might argue, and there's no solid proof of it being commendable.

I also noticed something very important. Female circumcision in the past is different fromthe one practiced now. These days, it's practiced by cutting off the clitoris, which is the only human organ that existes solely for pleasure. Once it's gone, the girls loses a great deal of her sexual desire, if not all of it. While in the past, female circumcision was practiced by removing the outer fold of skin over the clitoris (the prepuce), which is a very different case.

Now if we looked at the reasons why some peopel insist on carrying out this practice I daresay "against" their daughters, we find that they see it as a way to protect the girl from falling in sin or committing adultary. But if you come to think of it, who has stronger sexual tendencies, Males or females? But considering the female's clitoris has no known use except pleasure, they find it easier to dispose of it, as if they are to decide the innate desire she was born with is not necessary at all, and as if this practice will hold her from committing sinful acts, don't some girls have affairs to fulfill emotional desires, not onlt sexual ones? It's time those peopel understood that it's not about cutting off organs they protect their sons and daughter, it's about good upbriniging and installing well manners and morals in their children, that is the way to go.

Ammar said...


i am glad that you researched the subject, i can them reinforce that fact that there is no religious reason behind this kind of practice. However, one point you wrote "Once it's gone, the girls loses a great deal of her sexual desire". I am note sure whether you realy meant DESIRE or PLEASURE. I think the desire is triggered in the mind and the pleasure comes from the organs. However, it is just my precption and i can be wrong, need to qualify this statement by somebody who experienced this ugly act or ask a professional.

One other issue is

"But if you come to think of it, who has stronger sexual tendencies, Males or females?"

This is also not easy to answer, i guess you wanted to say that males have stronger tendencies. I claim that males have more vivid manifestation of it. What we observe in society is a more daring behaviour (albiet things are changind) Due to Female inhibitions due to many society driven factors.

Anyway, sometimes, abandoing SEX is thought to be a diversion from animal-like instincts towards a divine-like values. Take for examples monks and nuns. Why is there a preception that leaving mainstream society with all its parctices (including sexual practice) is a sign of committment to religion. Maybe ppl who enforce circumcision would like to think of their dauthers as human being who surpassed their animal instincts and took a stop forward towards humane and moral values.
Anyway, im just guessing and i am totally against circumcision. In the end to pursue abstinence or not should be a matter or personal choice that also stems frm the mind

Hareega said...

Yes it significantly prevents a woman from getting sexual satisfaction.
Islam did not recommend it , nor did it forbid it. Islamic scholars are arguing that if God did not ask people to abandon something humans should not forbid oither humans from doing it (Ma la yo7aremho Allah la yajooz an yo7arremho al insaan)

Anonymous said...

I thought the majority of modern married men (to be fair not all) know what brings excitement to women in s**.
" Does it really inhibit women excitation"?? of course yes!
I think all ways during intercourse is to simulate clit then get orgazm, if no clit! then no pleasure.
u differenciate between desire and pleasure. What i see that with no simulation , no desire will come into mind and as a result no pleasure ;)
ppl or let's say a considerable number of men especially in middle east need classes to learn how to respect then how to bring or satisfy women sextual desire and pleasure as they want for themselves.

Ammar said...


you said" think all ways during intercourse is to simulate " you mean Stimulate right?
secondly, Desire can be brought about by different stimuli, not necessarily triggered by sensitive organs. External stimuli normally play the main role and cause the intial desire, otherwise, you would be finding that chatting rate between opposite sex dropping into half. why is there a big market from Pornography if desire comes only organically!
which, incidently, makes circucision effects even more frustrating as stimulating factors still exist, but success rate for attaining pleasure is radically diminished.

Anonymous said...

sorry 4 the typo, seems that I mis-interpreted my idea. Of course I do believe that desire comes with external stimuli at the 1st stage otherwise we will nt b acting human wise ;)
But i wrote so because we were talking about an organ and i wanted 2 get 2 this point. To go ALL the way after flirtation u shall know h to erect that organ otherwise, u'll get nothing I think unless the other party is faking emotions and reactions.

ola said...

Ammar: Yes I htink your right, it's the pleasure or satisfaction not the desire.

Hareega: Islam does forbid some kinds of circumcision. We have to distinguish between 3 types of circumcision, 2 of them are prohibited by Islam since they are considered as "organ mutilation". And I think these are the types practiced nowadays but I'm not sure. The other type that is not recommended nor forbidden by Islam is the one analogous to male circumcision, which consists of the removal of the hood (or prepuce) of the clitoris.


Anonymous said...

I just remembered sthing. I wonder for those girls who experienced the circumcision, as 4 married females, they still have the G-Spot, right? so as I know this shall do the job!

Ammar said...


you are shifting the subject!

Anonymous said...

didn't mean that. sorry.

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