Monday, July 16, 2007

Mabruk -- engagement season @work

A substantial percentage of ppl were I work are getting engaged/married . i mean in the last few month and until the end of this year, the percentage is more than 50%. Two men from Informobility (mobile based software development company) got engaged to Two women from REALSOFT. This month one person got married at PALCO, Next month 2 people from REALSOFT are getting married. The month of Oct, two couples, and the month after another 2 couples, at the end of year one person, and just now, i received an email announcing that another women in REALSOFT got engaged. Never before, REALSOFT, Informobility and PALCO witnessed that high rate of coupling. Anybody would like to apply for job, get paid and become a potential marriage candidate.

1 comment:

kinzi said...

Wow, those are great job benefits...sounds like some real power couples in the making. Love is definitely in the air!

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