Thursday, August 16, 2007

Again from Turkey

Turkbuku, a pretty, traditional fishing village set on a peninsula hillside, Turkbuku is a fashionable destination for Turkish celebrities, and fashionable society.
The pricesses Hotel is around 5 minutes away from the center of Turkbuku, a nice resort with plenty of swimming pools and dazzling sceneries overlooking the Aegean sea. Even though the princess hotel is a five star hotel, but when it comes to rooms, amenities, service it stands no chance when compared to Ritz. Anyway, the food is very good, the landscape is excellent. The airconditioning systm poor.
We went to near by villege and had a good dinner in a restaurent called Sait. The waiter spoke Arabic as he was born in the Iskenderon provice (disputed land between turkey and Syria).
We had good seafood.

Tonight we are leaving back to Amman on Turkish airline, we shall be arriving in Amman at 2:00 AM, really ugly timing.


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