Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Intrinsic decency -- a rare commodity

It is strange when bad things sometimes make you happy!!!!!
How would you feel if your BMW 525i is hit! Bad, right! i mean Real Bad!
Well my car was hit yesterday on the left wing while is was parked near Al-Dastour Newspaper main building. Normally, i park my car at Abu-Elhajj commerical complex at floor -1 where i have a parking lot reserved for me,, but sometimes when i am coming from the University direction and traffic is heavy, I just part across the street.

When i arrived at the Car location, there was a note written on the wind-chill of the car, saying

"I am sorry to have hit your car while on reverse, Not to worry, my insurance shall cover for the expenses" She left her phone mobile no and name (Rula)

I was happy to realize that people with integrity still exist. She could have walked away carelessly! couldn't she? Regarless of "Samet El-baden" I went home with an inner feeling of joy. Henceforth, i called the lady and asked her to relax as i am not going to press chargeses, nor pursue her insurance credit.


kinzi said...

That IS good news, and amazing how a great attitude of one can turn bad to good.

Now if is could become of lifestyle of the majority.

Anonymous said...

both of u were gentle, this is not just a classy behaviour. It is also cultural, reflects responsibility & commitment.

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