Tuesday, August 07, 2007


maybe it is LIS (Lack of Interest Syndrome) or my every-once-in-a-while mood swing cycle. Not been in the mood.
As a remedial, i am taking a break, Yeh, i am traveling ! What is unique this time is the fact that I shall be traveling on vacation with family and relatives. The initial plan was to Spain (i declined then since it was going to be hectic), but joined in, when the destination was changed to a near by country. Two days at Istanbul, then some place called Bodrum. I have been to Istanbul some 10 years back and I thought it was a great City, I am keen to see it again, and feel any change. Also would like to sense Turks perception (especially those who are living in major cities) about the ruling party. Bodrun??? Really have no idea! hope it is better than Antalya. Only time will tell

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