Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Gala Dinner and a mobile

Last night, ORANGE Brand was officially launched in Jordan at a Gala dinner held on the premises of Amman Citadel. As you would imagine, many people were there. The food was good, the weather was nice. Many attempts were made to entertain people (Belly dancing show, fireworks, Lebanese Female singer). To me, only the fireworks show was a real attempt, other than that forget it. The Female singer is somebody called Carol Sama7a (cannot deny that I heard the name before, but the face looked like a total stranger to me).
Ilmohem, while we were leaving the dinner, men received a mobile phone, a real sleek Motorola Moto Razer 2 (obviously locked to Mobilecom SIM) and my wife also had it share with a well craftet silver necklace.
Apparently I made a mistake in wording in part this post; I should not have written the statement (obviously locked to Mobilecom SIM) I should be writing (obviously locked to ORANGE) otherwise my attendance yesterday defeated its purpose

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