Sunday, September 09, 2007

Hebrew, an attitude towards normalization ?

If somebody from the far east ever asks you to create Hebrew fonts and download such fonts to a certain device that he created, how would you react? Would you look at it as yet another font for some language, or you would tie up with the oppressive state of Israel. Personally, i am radically against any movement towards normalization with the Zionist state! It would be much easier for me to give my judgment only if i am not directly involved in this situation and maybe unable to abstract the situation an isolate any bias I have toward the benefits of the company

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Shaden said...

Hi Ammar! Hebrew is an ancient language and should not be tied to the state of Israel or the Zionist movement. This is my opinion of course.

As long as what you do is not pro-Israel in anyway, particularly won't harm Palestine or Palestinians in anyway, I think it is perfectly fine.

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