Sunday, September 30, 2007

Last two week

Constant anxiety, sheer physical strain, sleep deprivation
lots of driving between Amman and Damascus (and sometime coming back on the same day, while fasting), excessive stress, and at Iftar time, almost always invited out. I m Seeking enormous sympathy here!!!. Why? working on bleeding edge technology for the Syrian projects, All types of distributed processing, Asynchronous Web Services, JMS queuing, dynamic meta data driven data models and on top of that developing J2EE interface screen using Oracle ADF technology. Finally filling the data warehouse with economic indicators pertaining to Foreign Trade, Consumer prices index.
After tomorrow, we are having steering committee with the project management board representing three European companies, one of which is the German Giant Software AG.
If all goes well, we should be winding down and probably disengaging at end of Oct.

Today, we had Iftar gathering for PALCO/INFORMOBILITY/REALSOFT group at the Royal Automobile Club. It was good food @ reasonable prices

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