Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Play on Words

Well, when you want to enforce restriction on the distribution of Intellectual property assets , you use the word COPYRIGTH. That if you have a piece of software that you want to distribute freely without legal protection. What word is used! I could not get more blunt that this. I am not kidding , you just play on the copyright word, and it becomes COPYLEFT. Just expanded your vocabulary. Not only that but we are all familiar with the copyright sign (c), and we can get by without giving COPYLEFT it own sign. Just to make it easy for all of use, just turn the (c) to the Left and there you go , a new sign is born

other synonyms of COPYLEFT when it comes to Software are

reciprocal licenses
Anti copyright
Public domain
GNU General Public Licnese

In the End, maybe the sign is not used in literature, but the word is

Ammar Sajdi

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

COPYLEFT? this is so cool. I thought when u want others 2 freely use ur software just do not add a copyright note..

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