Monday, October 29, 2007

no rooms in bahrain

it is a must to go to Bahrain tomorrow. There seems to be a sports events in Bahrain, and since it is such a samll country, not a single room is available. Well, i guess i will take bed covers with me and see where my fate drops me off tomorrow. pary for me :)

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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Marriage Season for every species

out of observation, i know that there seems to be marriage season form most animal species. I know for example that cats marriage season is enriched in February.
Human however, seem to enjoy marriage all year round! making no specific marriage season!
For REALSOFT/INFORMOBILITY, there seems to be an exception. 2 female REALSOFTers ar getting married to 2 Males Informobilitees. One is today (congratulation goes to Hayat and Eyad) who worked for REALSOFT/INFORMOBILITY before they even graduated, and the other couple (Ahmad and Luma) is next week. Also Mohd Mansour and Lama diverged and decided to get their partners from outside the REALSOFT/INFO domain. Lama is scheduled to get married on Dec!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Good Bye Business Objects

The German giant SAP, the world’s leading provider of business software, plans to acquire Business Objects, the frensh BI industry leader, in a friendly take over. The value of this acquistion is something like 4.8 Billion Euros.

Oracle, SAP rival, has been very active in the acquisition process. Oracle aquired many large firms like JD Edwards, Poeple Soft, Sieble, Hyperion, Stellent and many more. Currrently, Oracle is bidding to acquire BEA, the Application Servers market leader. Oracle proposed an offer of 17$ per share. BEA management is likely to turn down the offer and ask for 21$. Oracle offer of 17$ per share when the share was trading for 13$ at NASDAQ.

Suffice it to say,Oracle acquired People Soft in a hostile take over!!!

I would be very interested in this story, as Application Server domain of business is something we deal with on daily basis

Monday, October 22, 2007

Mars starts using animal products

Some of the UK's best-selling chocolate bars, such as Mars and Twix, will no longer be suitable for vegetarians.
Also affecting brands such as Snickers and Maltesers, owner Masterfoods said it had started to use animal product rennet to make its chocolate products.

check the entire article

Ammar Sajdi

Saturday, October 20, 2007

questioning Darwinism

During recent decades, it is claimed that scientific evidence from many disciplines including cosmology, physics, biology, etc . .. have caused scientists to begin questioning Darwinism evolution

"We are skeptical of claims for the ability of random mutation and natural selection to account for the complexity of life. Careful examination of the evidence for Darwinian theory should be encouraged."

A list of 700 Ph.D have signed their name testifying their skepticism. The list is published by Discovery Instiute (

Press release about the list

you can check out the list

check out this book

Thursday, October 18, 2007

This is how weather in Amman looked like

Driving back from Damscus to Amman at night is definitely no fun at all. It is a task to accomplish. What is exciting last night was the fact that there was a weather system crossing central Jordan. Lightening, thunder, and rain. Very localized rain, where certain areas were soaking wet, while others in close proximity were completely dry. This is a distinctive feature of weather system mostly characterized by unstable condition. Normally caused by warn wind convicting upwards and meeting cold front.

Since I am passionate about weather conditions, I am really thrilled to show you some pictures taken by people of the Jordan weather forum. I know that this might be really boring for those who have no affection towards nature. I do not blame them, I cannot explain why and how my interests in this emanates from

Imagin the thender

Radar image showing rainy clouds moving towards Jordan while crossing palestine

I guess the excitement of a new rainy system is starting


Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Now that Eid is over, it is about time to assess the damage

1) First Day of Eid: I was in Damascus the day before Eid and I bought 1KG of peanuts (which smelled so tempting). The night of Eid and in the early morning hours, i kept eating peanuts until my stomach really got upset. I had to tolerate abdomenal pain from noon till night while having to skip the delicious Eid Lunch

2) First night of Eid: After the abdominal issue tapered off a little bit, i received a call from my colleague Jaffar telling me that we are supposed to deliver a propsal to a customer in Nigeria at or before Sat morning and that we still need to repond to some parts of the Request for Proposal. I went to the office at around 10 PM, He left at around 11 because he was so tiered working the day before and on Eid day. I was supposed to spend a couple of hours, I ended up leaving at 7:30. While it is not uncommon for me to leave office at 7:30. What was different this time is that, it was 7:30 AM. It was quite a long time for all-nighters! apart from traveling, i do not remeber staying up all night since college time! My biological watch is not used to sleeping at morning, i managed to sleep for two hours.

3) nothing special about the 2nd day

4) The third day was consumed totally while trying to make JMS working in Oracle JDeveloper Env. Once accomplished, i continued to couple client application with JMS provider through JMS webservice, which at the end of the day surprisingly worked.

5) Third Night, While watch TV at around 9 PM, next thing i remebered waking up at 8 AM, sleeping for 11 straight hours!!!!!!!!! I guess making up all the sleep deprivation.

6) Fourth day (not any more Eid), against all social norms, i replied bulk SMS i received and visited my sister and aunte!

7) Fourth night: we were invited over at Fakher Elddin, and since i had no lunch that day, i excersied my joyful habit of making things up that i missed, and had consumed so much food that made this meal the first real meal since the begining of Ramadan. This event did not go by unnoticed, my stomach got upset again, and therefore, i did not feel well for the reminder of the night and today.

And now, while i am writing this, i think, the aftermath of Eid is well contained, and i seems like things are returning to normal.. Tomorrow morning, i need to rise up and get going at 7 AM to the neighboring Syria. By the way the distnace from where i live in Amman to where the customer is in Damsucs is exactly 205.5 Km. Under normal cirumstances, it requires around two and half hours

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Eid Tomorrow غلط , It is only politically correct, Real Eid is on Sat

الافطار بكرة غلط غلط
According to astronomists here in Jordan and every where else, Sighting the crescent (hilal) this evening scientific impossibility. Hear me loud and clear; it is impossible to have spotted the Hilal with naked eyes or telescopes this evening. I was following up very closely the stream of news emanating from the press room headed by Dr Ahmad Heliel of Jordan. Jordanian astronomists were also present, who, not only made their calculation, but also set up 5 sites to try to sight the invisible crescent just to prove their point and make everybody happy. Their prophecy came true, and obviously, nothing was found only because the baby crescent sets 7 minutes before sun set. The situation became immensely complicated, when all of a sudden, a breaking news announcing the end of Ramadan Came from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and all Gulf countries except Oman. Moments afterwards, Egypt announced that tomorrow is the 30th day of Ramadan and henceforth, Eid is on Saturday. The announcement of Eid in Jordan was not, therefore, based on sighting the Hilal but was announced in solidarity with other Muslim countries. (الاسلام دين جماعة)
On what basis was Eid declared to be tomorrow in KSA? Sighting had to be made by one or more trustworthy men testifying before a committee of Muslim leaders! Spokesmen in the press room said that they contacted their Saudi counterparts who also confirmed the sheer impossibility of sighting the hilal then evening.

How then can Saudi Muslim leaders accept the testimony of anybody when in the 21 century scientists over emphasized the fact that seeing the moon is impossible

Personally, i cannot go against an official announcement and take an odd direction tomorrow by completing the fasting of the month, but i will have to definitely make the day up by fasting an extra day after Eid.

عمار السجدي

Sunday, October 07, 2007

What is so special about OCT 4th, try peter answers soul engine

I will try to demonstrate why this Question is an interesting one

In order to illustrate the peculiarity of OCT 4th, I shall use Oracle database and SQL Langugae to demonstrate my point

Ammar>select to_date('27/1/2007','dd/mm/yyyy') SHOW_DATE from dual;


The above merely displays a date in dd/mm/yyyy format. Now let us see what happends if I try to display the result of the expression ('27/1/2007') after adding 1 to it

Ammar>select to_date('27/1/2007','dd/mm/yyyy') + 1 SHOW_DATE from dual;


Barely an surprises, the day after 27/1/2007 is 28/1/2007

Now, let me repeat the exercise for another date, namely for 4/10/1582

Ammar> select to_date('4/10/1582','dd/mm/yyyy') SHOW_DATE from dual


Let us see what the day after 04/10/1582 would be?


Ammar> select to_date('4/10/1582','dd/mm/yyyy') + 1 SHOW_DATE from dual


Say What? the date after 4/10/1582 is 15/10/1582.

This is against any logical, empirical, or interpretational result a human mind can go through, but it is TRUE, and this is not a bug in the software!!!

You may think that you need the help of extraterrestrial power, like the interactive soul engine called peter answers that i talked about before
but once you know why 15/4/1582 is the day directly after 4/10/1582, you will come to realize one important issue in our universe; If there is something that is beyond the frontiers of your comprehension, it , in no way, implies that this thing does not exist!!

afterall, there is a reason why 15/10 if after the 4th of Oct 1852

Ammar Sajdi

Friday, October 05, 2007


i had facebook account for quite sometime,,, intially, not reallying knowing what it is. Just finding myself receiving a message that forced me to sign up. Since then, i have been very passive (still is) as i do not feel the necessity for such a tool when other channels have been available for a while. I receivs things that i do not understand like gifts, wall, etc ... Also receving -Add friend- request from people i never new, and accepting a mix of both I know and I do not know. Consequently, the traffic is low and to be honest, cannot find myself really interested. Last night, i saw some family youngsters on Ifrar working on laptops. I saw them working on the keyboard like firing machine gun. I thought they were playing a game. In reality, they were just working on facebook. Literally hundered and hundreds of things on their screen. While trying to extrapolate the usage of Laptop for this generation, i arrived to the conclusion that a Laptop is made for Facebook,, no other URL exists. All infrastructure is for Facebook. 1 MB ADSL, Wireless connection, PC's with Flat screens and laptops to support the enthusian for Facebook. This morning, and just for the heck of it, was a historic moment what i added (or attempted to add as results are yet to be knows) the first facebook friend. Recently, another pressing sign up request came from something else called JAXTR. Finally, i could not keep resisting the curiousity and ended up signing up. It seems like voice enable community. if things continue into this channeling, are we going to need to get together anymore, or knowing one fact and physical attributes shall be no longer needed. We can keep making virtual interactions. Why do we resist making friends via Cyber means, if we do not recognize names and/or faces. I think because we are only used to that, and not necessarily because this the only proper way. What last thing about yesterday Iftar was one of the young relative girls asked me "What is Quantum Physics?" she is Nine and told me that she cannot wait until her age becomes Double Digits??!! It was a big question for which i could not find a easy answer although there is a short answer rgs

Getting Ref of the View Object referenced by the current Iterator binding for One iterator page without knowing the name of the iterator

Getting Ref of the View Object referenced by the current Iterator binding for One iterator page without knowing the name of the iterator ...