Thursday, October 11, 2007

Eid Tomorrow غلط , It is only politically correct, Real Eid is on Sat

الافطار بكرة غلط غلط
According to astronomists here in Jordan and every where else, Sighting the crescent (hilal) this evening scientific impossibility. Hear me loud and clear; it is impossible to have spotted the Hilal with naked eyes or telescopes this evening. I was following up very closely the stream of news emanating from the press room headed by Dr Ahmad Heliel of Jordan. Jordanian astronomists were also present, who, not only made their calculation, but also set up 5 sites to try to sight the invisible crescent just to prove their point and make everybody happy. Their prophecy came true, and obviously, nothing was found only because the baby crescent sets 7 minutes before sun set. The situation became immensely complicated, when all of a sudden, a breaking news announcing the end of Ramadan Came from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and all Gulf countries except Oman. Moments afterwards, Egypt announced that tomorrow is the 30th day of Ramadan and henceforth, Eid is on Saturday. The announcement of Eid in Jordan was not, therefore, based on sighting the Hilal but was announced in solidarity with other Muslim countries. (الاسلام دين جماعة)
On what basis was Eid declared to be tomorrow in KSA? Sighting had to be made by one or more trustworthy men testifying before a committee of Muslim leaders! Spokesmen in the press room said that they contacted their Saudi counterparts who also confirmed the sheer impossibility of sighting the hilal then evening.

How then can Saudi Muslim leaders accept the testimony of anybody when in the 21 century scientists over emphasized the fact that seeing the moon is impossible

Personally, i cannot go against an official announcement and take an odd direction tomorrow by completing the fasting of the month, but i will have to definitely make the day up by fasting an extra day after Eid.

عمار السجدي


Maha said...

Muslims should all unite and go by NASA's calendar

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