Friday, October 05, 2007


i had facebook account for quite sometime,,, intially, not reallying knowing what it is. Just finding myself receiving a message that forced me to sign up. Since then, i have been very passive (still is) as i do not feel the necessity for such a tool when other channels have been available for a while. I receivs things that i do not understand like gifts, wall, etc ... Also receving -Add friend- request from people i never new, and accepting a mix of both I know and I do not know. Consequently, the traffic is low and to be honest, cannot find myself really interested. Last night, i saw some family youngsters on Ifrar working on laptops. I saw them working on the keyboard like firing machine gun. I thought they were playing a game. In reality, they were just working on facebook. Literally hundered and hundreds of things on their screen. While trying to extrapolate the usage of Laptop for this generation, i arrived to the conclusion that a Laptop is made for Facebook,, no other URL exists. All infrastructure is for Facebook. 1 MB ADSL, Wireless connection, PC's with Flat screens and laptops to support the enthusian for Facebook. This morning, and just for the heck of it, was a historic moment what i added (or attempted to add as results are yet to be knows) the first facebook friend. Recently, another pressing sign up request came from something else called JAXTR. Finally, i could not keep resisting the curiousity and ended up signing up. It seems like voice enable community. if things continue into this channeling, are we going to need to get together anymore, or knowing one fact and physical attributes shall be no longer needed. We can keep making virtual interactions. Why do we resist making friends via Cyber means, if we do not recognize names and/or faces. I think because we are only used to that, and not necessarily because this the only proper way. What last thing about yesterday Iftar was one of the young relative girls asked me "What is Quantum Physics?" she is Nine and told me that she cannot wait until her age becomes Double Digits??!! It was a big question for which i could not find a easy answer although there is a short answer rgs

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despite the fact that I used to get invitations and do sign up into lot of social networking websites as Hi5 and ringo But i really found facebook different. I used my other accounts for a short time now I can not even remember my ID or password but for facebook I am more interested day after day.
I am only against accepting invitations from ppl I don't know. Nearlly all my friends are ppl I know well as you can leave a lot of personal posts or pics and need them to be safe. I also added a limited profile for the networks I join to avoid having all my profile info public.
check this:
It was Harvard student :) I like it more now ;)

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