Thursday, October 18, 2007

This is how weather in Amman looked like

Driving back from Damscus to Amman at night is definitely no fun at all. It is a task to accomplish. What is exciting last night was the fact that there was a weather system crossing central Jordan. Lightening, thunder, and rain. Very localized rain, where certain areas were soaking wet, while others in close proximity were completely dry. This is a distinctive feature of weather system mostly characterized by unstable condition. Normally caused by warn wind convicting upwards and meeting cold front.

Since I am passionate about weather conditions, I am really thrilled to show you some pictures taken by people of the Jordan weather forum. I know that this might be really boring for those who have no affection towards nature. I do not blame them, I cannot explain why and how my interests in this emanates from

Imagin the thender

Radar image showing rainy clouds moving towards Jordan while crossing palestine

I guess the excitement of a new rainy system is starting


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