Sunday, October 07, 2007

What is so special about OCT 4th, try peter answers soul engine

I will try to demonstrate why this Question is an interesting one

In order to illustrate the peculiarity of OCT 4th, I shall use Oracle database and SQL Langugae to demonstrate my point

Ammar>select to_date('27/1/2007','dd/mm/yyyy') SHOW_DATE from dual;


The above merely displays a date in dd/mm/yyyy format. Now let us see what happends if I try to display the result of the expression ('27/1/2007') after adding 1 to it

Ammar>select to_date('27/1/2007','dd/mm/yyyy') + 1 SHOW_DATE from dual;


Barely an surprises, the day after 27/1/2007 is 28/1/2007

Now, let me repeat the exercise for another date, namely for 4/10/1582

Ammar> select to_date('4/10/1582','dd/mm/yyyy') SHOW_DATE from dual


Let us see what the day after 04/10/1582 would be?


Ammar> select to_date('4/10/1582','dd/mm/yyyy') + 1 SHOW_DATE from dual


Say What? the date after 4/10/1582 is 15/10/1582.

This is against any logical, empirical, or interpretational result a human mind can go through, but it is TRUE, and this is not a bug in the software!!!

You may think that you need the help of extraterrestrial power, like the interactive soul engine called peter answers that i talked about before
but once you know why 15/4/1582 is the day directly after 4/10/1582, you will come to realize one important issue in our universe; If there is something that is beyond the frontiers of your comprehension, it , in no way, implies that this thing does not exist!!

afterall, there is a reason why 15/10 if after the 4th of Oct 1852

Ammar Sajdi


Mohammad B. Lahlouh said...

its millennium mistake.

Anonymous said...

cool :)

Ammar said...

the method written by mohamedelsandany is correct only for dates after 4/10/1582. The idea of checking if the millennium is divisible by 400 is to confirm a leap year came up after the dates shown above. Before that date, people only divided by 4 to verify leap year. For example year 1200 was leap based on people calculation at the time. We cannot say, no it was not, because some where, some one must have written a letter and wrote 29/2/1200 and as such, that person had affirmed by documentation the existance of 29/2/1200, and the day skip after 4/10/1582 was exactly to cater for this mistake. So the algorithm should have first check the date before applying the function. Of course, the proposed method in the given website is true for future days (unless we discover some other mistake)

Ammar Sajdi

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

are u real

Anonymous said...

guess my name

Izzat Sajdi said...

Good test. Gregory was an intelligent man especially that he did not have a computer. Check your last line year.

Anonymous said...


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