Friday, November 09, 2007

Greater Amman Municipality

The Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) is now blogging at
This is a real chance to convey our ideas and critiques to make Amman a better place!
Back in the 80's, Amman was such a beautiful, clean, seren and majestic city. At these years, i was not easy for me to travel and not miss it.
Unfortunately, i am missing these feelings these days. All I see is traffic jams, no parking space, black smoke, angry drivers, people innocently getting rid of Pepsi cans and coffee cups out of the car windows, Chaotic steets and alleys. I will personally blog to write about the dirts that restaurents leave out, Fakher Elddin is an example, where the leftovers are trashed just opposite to the back door of Astra building.
Every morning, there is probably more that 2000 GAM employees that start cleaning the street from the early morning hours. There are ,on the other hand, some 2.5 million making sure that they get these streets dirty. Why not spread awareness and teach the 2.5 million not to litter rather than cleaning after them. There is a pedistrian passway connecting Dastour Newspaper to Abu-Elhajj commercial center and you just cannot imagine the amout of dirts that compiles there!!


Far3oun said...

cleaning the trash in amman starts with putting enough trash containers so people don't fee like they have to haul trash for more than a city block.

Khawaja M. said...

I look at this blog as a positive action toward a better future for Amman city.

I hope all of us could join the community and take part.

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