Thursday, January 17, 2008

So you think you can shoot

a couple of month ago, i went with friends to Sahab, a small town in the eastern outskirts of Amman to demonstrate our shooting capabilities.
We were accompanied by first class instructor, a friend of our called mahmoud maharmeh.
We drove around 20 Km into the desert to reach Al-Mahrameh 1000 Dunum ranch.

We used a 9 mm Gun

There are three steps:

Hold the Gun

If you ignore the instructions as to how to hold the gun, this is what may happen

me injured, and it took around 6 weeks and it has not completely cured.

The first lesson: Adhere to the instructions completely

This happened to me and my friend Maen, but Amjad escaped the injurey

Amjad Shooting

Maen Shooting

Aiming instructions is what you expect them to be, however, shooting experience is a bit difficult because of the bang sound and the reflex that one experiences. What makes you loose you concentration during aiming, is that while you are triggering and expecting the bullet to go out, your are in a wait state and you body and mind starts to react to the bullet explosion and its noise before it actually happens. If you can control this refelx, you shall score well.


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