Monday, February 18, 2008

My new toy

My new toy is a weather station called WMR100 A from Oregon Scientific.

What is a weather station? Simply it is a collection of sensors that can give precise reading about weather conditions. I installed the weather station at the roof of the building. It can give accurate reading for the following measures

Atmospheric Pressure
Wind Direction
Wind Speed
Heat Index
Wind Chill

The reading are send to a digital base station where you can read the measurment. No cables are needed, because it is all wireless. You just kick back ,relax and get the reading from the comform of your sitting room. If you dont like the base station, well, you can hook the base station to your laptop via a USB connection, design you Dash Board and there you go

As you can see, above, you get instantenous live readings, for example, as i write, the outside temperature is Amman is 0.5 C, the wind chill is -4.5, the wind speed is 20 Km/hr gusting to 50 Km/hr. What the dash board does not tell is the fact that it is snowing right now (2:10 AM)

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Anonymous said...

I love the wmr100.I bought one almost a year ago, and seems to do well in any weather. Right now i use the basic version of Weather Display but in the future i will get Virtual Weather Station.

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