Friday, April 25, 2008

An Apt in Aqaba - Jordan

last year on April 13, i posted a blog about an unscheduled trip to Aqaba

This firday, we did the same with some difference

1) We decided to go on Thursday (one day advance notice) rathat than on the same day
2) We got the keys for our apt at Aqaba Talay Bay (, rather than watching construction
3) It was so hot (also in Amman)
4) We left at 9:30 rather than 11:30
5) We were back by 8:15 rather than 9:15
6) I bought a pair of Adidas shoes rather than Clarks

everything else, pretty the same.

Now that we have an appartment is Aqaba, are we going to go often??? Big Question

Ammar Sajdi

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