Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Conservation of Gravity

Mankind is constantly trying to conserver resources to sustain life. But are we doing enough

We are trying to conserve consumption of oil, and in fact scientists are keenly seeking alternative sources of energy. We are trying to conserve electricity consumption. We are trying to conserve Water consumption and trying to desalinate Sea water.

The intersting part: Can anybody deny that Gravity is a force that keeps us tied to ground? And if we try to defy that force by climbing a mountain, we get tiered? Since it is always acting on us, we ought to be consuming it. Can we persume that eventually this force will be used up like oil, water, TIME, age etc..

Can you imagine how life will be when (or if) Gravity is consumed?

for example, when we eat, how can food then move toward our stomach?

If you feel that life without gravity would not be plausible, then wouldn't that warrent a movement for the conservation of Gravity?

The more interesting question is How can then we conserve gravity?

sample suggestion

1) Live in Ground floors

2)Park your car Down hill

3)keep you bed a close as possible to the floor, or better yet, sleep on the floor

4) Avoid using elevators

5) Actively lose weight


Public awareness campaign are required to alter citizens about the catastrophic consequences of using up a valuable resource such as Gravity. Public attention is geared towards Ozone layer, global warmer, while conservation of gravity is total ignored.

I just want to mention that this idea has not just poped into my mind; it has, in fact, been a concern of my for quite sometime now.


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Anonymous said...

upside down thoughts!
it seems that u eat MAGLOOBEH that day.!!

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