Monday, April 14, 2008

Dubai, what has changed

It has been a while since my last visit to Dubai. To be exact my last visit was some 15 months back. What has changed since?
If you looked in the skyline before, you would see hight rise. Now , you would see high rise, and more high rise

If you drove on Shiek Zaied Road, you would be stuck in traffic Jams. Now, you would be stuck in traffic jams, and more traffic jams.

If you booked in a hotel, you would spend big money. Now you spend big money and bigger money (A five star hotel is 300 USD easy - Per night + taxes)

other than that nothing has changed except of course with the high rise, traffic more people are found around.

But to be fair, i found the weather more pleasant that expected for this time of the year

I came yesterday very late at night, and leaving tomorrow morning to Bahrain. Bahrain is still more reasonable.

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