Saturday, April 05, 2008

Mohammad Rateb Nabulsi

I was at dinner party two days back where the guest of honor was Dr. Mohammad Rateb Nabulsi, a Syrian scholar. Even though i was not feeling well due to severe cold conditions, but i have to say that i enjoyed Dr. Nabulsi interpretation of many controversial issues in religion domain. He is very elaborate, yet concise with a wealth of information that is barely surpassed by the most prominent scholars of the world. Adding to pthe leasure of listening to him was his eloquent language and organized logic.


Anonymous said...

i agree 100 %
u can watch him,on alresalah tv.he has 2 programs,asma' ALLah al7osna,and alkalemo altayyeb.
i think the best time to watch is before alfajr prayer.

Ameenos said...

Mr. Mohammed Ratteb al-Nabelsi is the main reason of many people faith.

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