Wednesday, May 14, 2008

When it come to this, i hate suspence

spontaneity, suspense could spice up one's life. However, when it comes to traveling, this kind of suspense really stresses me immensely. Yesterday, i received a call from Dubai summoning upon me to be present their as of this evening, and therefore, you need to make last minute cancellation to your meeting and do last minutes formidable hotel and flight booking, not knowing whether you will make it on time or not. After I made all the arrangements, I received last minute cancellations as well. Quite honestly, i was relieved. Home sweet Home



Anonymous said...

home sweet home!

Ammar said...

Yes, indeed, but what is the the Exclmaition mark supposed to mean?
doubts, yells etc..

Anonymous said...

wallahe yells,iam home sick!

w ba3dain,why u r complicating and analizing the exclmatiion mark?!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

open at southern muslimah blog,and tell me what u think of the famous umfarouq.ofcourse if u have the time and want to,no pressure.

Ammar said...

i could not find Umfarouq. You meant Um Youssef. she is great

Anonymous said...

no,she is umfarouq!
another gr8 bolg ,its also for another extremely cleverf ammar;-}
especially the revelations posts!

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