Friday, July 18, 2008


and Welcome back!

It is home coming season; People graduating from colleges, expats coming for summer vacation, however, foremost among those coming back are the Lebanese heroes who were held captive in Israeli jails. And foremost among those, is Sameer Qintar. Sameer was caught in Nahariya while executing a heroic mission way back then (1979). He was 17. Sameer was sentenced for over than 500 years. He was back to Lebanon as part of the Hizbulallah - Israel prisoners swap.

The IRONY is the following

Jordan and Egypt signed peace treaties with Israel long time ago and as we speak there are still Jordanian and Egyptian prisoners in Israeli jails. Lebanon on the other hand, did not sign and peace treaty and got its prisoners Free! Any lessons learned?


Anonymous said...

wallahe they r heroes,!!!ALLAH ye7meehom

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Anonymous said...

"Sameer was caught in Nahariya while executing a heroic mission"?????
Samir Kuntar is a baby killer who smashed a 3yr old's head on a rock with his own hands.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Lebanon got their prisoners, but look what else it's gotten from Israel... I think Jordan and Egypt are wise to pass on the destruction.

Ammar said...

who is the baby killer

Well, my vocabulary fails to find a word to describe someone ready to sacrifice his/her life to express his/her legitimate resistance against the Israeli military occupation and irrational humiliation to Palestinian people other than Heroic. I would agree that hiding behind F16s is anything but heroic. About the 4 year girl, it is so unfortunate than some innocent people are caught in cross fire and i feel so sympathetic and sad for such victims. Exactly like i felt for Mohammd Durra (Despite the fact that the killing of this girl was due to Israeli fire and as part of the Israel propaganda, it sounded very tempting to accuse Sameer for it).Of course, You could not disagree with me, because the countless causalities of infants and young children that were caused by the brutal usage of force by the Israeli army against the Palestinian is excused in the same manner.

So long as the Israel government keeps the same irrational style, it is about time for you to understand, that such heroic mission shall not ever cease, it is about time for you to get used to living in security ambiguity for as long as you live. The Palestinian people in Gaza are living without electricity or fuel and under very poor living condition, and as such, it cannot get an worse! This therefore, leads to perception that there is nothing they can loose, except feeling that life is not so precious. Apparently, you have not yet reached this perception yet
And by the way, for those who are sick and tiered of hearing about people like Sameer Quntar, they can always return to the land they inhibited in Pre-48 era, where they can live happily ever after. Another thing and before you make a comment, Prophet Moses came from Egypt.
Finally and according to my humble knowledge in geography Ethiopia has got enough land.

Ammar said...

Jordan and Egypt passed on the destruction only. But they still drink dirty water! i do not want to go into a argument about how importnat for you to be independent in your taking decisions belonging to your national independence. Natural Gas is being provided to Isreal at prefered prices (according to the agreement) while the egyptian people are suffering for lack of natural gas that they own. Do you really belive that anything supervised by the USA could potentially serve for the benefit on any country other than Isreal?

Anonymous said...

ysallem tommak.

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