Wednesday, August 06, 2008

A Car in Amman

This is the 2008 model, but when i coincidently spotted the older model yesterday evening in the street of amman, i would immensly argue and assert that it is looking as good as ever and there is little differernce (if any) i could glimps compared to a year ago. Pitete as it may look, but certainly spacious in heart. While mostly pleasent, it demonstrates unforegivingly monsterous reactions at times. . A little hickup though, do not try to out performe its natural limits, because then, you cannot foresee what you are getting yourself into,; it could simply as well let you down. Therefore, one should not compare to others, but suffice it to say; it shines out brightly in its class. In case you are wandering, I never owned it and probably never will. Obviously, because what i own , albiet classical, stands out as the ultimate of its class. Additionally, these generation appeared rather recent, at which time, intricate decisions had already been properly taken.

Verdict: Modern, stylish, attractive and fun, but fragile in handling the demanding ruggedness required in this part of the world


Anonymous said...

i never thought that a car could b described in such way!!!!invy "her"

Anonymous said...

If it is jealousy that you are trying to express then the correct spelling is Envy

Anonymous said...

ah,really???!!!i never knew that before,TEACHER.
ya 2khe marre2ha:)

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